Ready To Learn More? Looking at some of the most successful businesses today, you will see a common trait that they all possess – the differentiating factors that position them as the market leaders in their industry. Being different didn’t make them successful; being perceived differently by their clients created their success. The clients saw them as not only different, but better, through careful planning and strategic brand positioning.

It’s important to understand your client’s perceptions and behaviors, and use this knowledge to effectively communicate the value your business offers. Knowing how they evaluate contractors and make decisions will allow you to influence and change how they perceive your business – thus how your business is positioned in their minds.

You are always perceived in some way by your client, and they are influenced by past experiences with your business, and your industry in general. You possess a brand image whether you actively manage it or not. You can’t always control public perceptions of your industry; however, you can influence the positioning of your business within those perceptions.

If you’re actively positioning your business, what are your differentiators?

Consider the following questions:

  1. Is it our pricing?
  2. Is it our strong or long established relationships with our clients?
  3. Are our operational efficiencies giving us both a cost and time delivery edge?
  4. Is there an innovative element to what we are offering – a process or element that few or no one else offers?
  5. Do we have the perfect blend of the “3 Cs” value – cost, convenience and consistency?
  6. Is the message we convey through our marketing initiatives leading to high conversion rates?
  7. Is our strategy to under-promise and over-deliver to our clients?
  8. Are we ‘majoring’ in the ‘minors’ when interacting with our clients by paying attention to the details?
  9. What does our competition offer that we don’t?
  10. What can we guarantee for our clients?

Considering these questions will help you formulate a strategy to position your brand as one of the market leaders in your industry.

We'd love to read your responses to the questions presented in this article. We'd also love any comments, questions and thoughts in the comments section below. As always you can email or give us a call for a private consultation to help answer these questions.


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