Adam Cooper featured on Unstoppable Talk Podcast

The latest episode of Unstoppable Talkhosted by Sam Schutte, features our very own Adam Cooper. The discussion centered around how Ascent Consulting works with construction companies to make them...

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Construction Conferences to Attend in 2020

We've compiled a summary of the largest and most popular national construction industry conferences happening this year. These are opportunities to expand your industry network, talk shop with...

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Construction Downturn Strategies - Part I: Market Focus

Do you remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? In this ancient fable, the grasshopper spends the summer dancing and playing while the ant works hard to store food for the inevitable...

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Construction Marketing Basics

Why Market My Business? When it comes to any business, there is always room for improvement. Therefore, the need to market a company always exists. You may want to expand your current sales channels,...

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Marketing for Construction Companies

I was recently interviewed by Jayme Dill of The Contractors Advantage Business School.  During my interview, we discussed the importance of marketing for contractors, growth & business development...

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Why SEO, Content, & Functionality Matter To Your Construction Company

Content Your construction company can benefit from content marketing as a way to gain the upper edge in the online world. Most construction companies don't believe that an online presence is just as...

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Branding Your Construction Company

Whether you are developing an overall marketing strategy or a single marketing campaign, one of the most important components will be your brand as a construction company. Having an established brand...

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Marketing & Business Development Planning and Budgeting

How important is it to put a plan and budget together for your annual marketing and business development activities? As the old adage goes “Fail to plan, and plan to fail”. Depending on the size of...

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Small Scale, Big Marketing Opportunities

Ascent Consulting has recently teamed up with Real Model Designs International (RMI), the global leader in the production of high quality, architectural scale models. Acclaimed in both US and...

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