It’s easy to hear the words “Construction Marketing” and become overwhelmed with all of the ideas, suggestions, and nonsense out there. "Marketing" has so much variety and it’s difficult to know what your construction company needs, doesn’t need, or even where to start. Depending on the particulars of your business, some may or may not apply.  For instance, online advertising is often a waste of time for commercial contractors but could be the main source of business for a residential contractor.  In an attempt to help construction companies of all makes and models, we've put together the following "Five Essentials of Construction Marketing" that your company should be implementing today.



Most construction companies are accustomed to conducting business by word of mouth and obtaining new jobs based on referrals and repeat clients. Although this is how things are usually done, there is always an opportunity to find new clients online.


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Potential clients will almost always look your company up online to learn more about your services and capabilities as they try to gauge your experience and expertise. To get your company to the next level, you should have a clear, well-designed website that showcases your company’s key personnel, project experience, and capabilities. Whether you are building a new website from scratch or updating an existing website, having a visually appealing, properly functioning website that is easy to navigate is an essential tool in your marketing toolbelt.


Proper Website SEO

Construction Marketing professionals have been focusing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the past several years. SEO is the practice of increasing the volume and quality of visitors to your website through organic search engine results (think Google search!).    


When a potential client is searching for a service that you offer (or building your type of project) you want to be on the first page of Google. Ask yourself, when you're searching for anything on Google, how often do you look past the page 1 results? The key to showing up on the first page of Google is to build good website SEO.


As a last resort, if you can't get your organic rankings high enough for the first page, you can explore a Google Ads campaign to pay for first-page listings.


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New call-to-actionConstruction business owners might see the added expense of digital marketing as unnecessary if the current pipeline and existing clients provide a nice stream of project opportunities. However, for most construction companies, gaining one new client or one new project through digital marketing can pay for an entire year of marketing expenses - quite a good Return on Investment (ROI).


Business Cards

Your business card is often a representation of you and your company and influences how a potential client may view you. Business cards are often overlooked as a basic marketing tool, so it’s important to design your business cards to match your website, brand, colors, etc. Your business card is often the only thing you leave behind with a potential client so it’s important to make a great first impression. Make sure that your business card is sleek and stylish, and also accurately conveys your company's branding and messaging.


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Another issue when it comes to business cards is a lack of company info. Has the information on your business card changed? Your position at the company, the company address, your contact information, your logo, or colors? If so, these are immediate reasons to update your business cards.


Sales Collateral

It's important for construction companies to develop digital and/or printed sales collateral to help promote your services, skills, and experience. Companies use sales collateral with the aim of moving potential clients through the decision process by giving them important information about your company. There are many types of sales collateral ranging from traditional brochures, information sheets, sales presentations, project portfolios, RFP templates, and more. Having informative sales collateral that is visually appealing and easy to understand will help set you apart from your competition.


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Proper Branding

The final marketing tool that your construction company should have is a consistent, cohesive, and recognizable brand. A brand consists of many things. When it comes to construction company branding, it’s important that your business stands out from the competition. A clean logo that represents your company and a website that is built around the logo's colors and theme are what initially sets your company apart from others. In addition, your company’s expertise, project experience, and qualifications should be clearly defined and consistent throughout your marketing.


Ascent specializes in helping construction companies develop all of these Marketing Essentials to drive top-line growth and identify new sources of revenue. We understand the unique value propositions that construction companies offer to their ideal clients, which makes us the ideal choice for all your marketing needs.



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