System Implementation Vs. System Integration

Construction companies are becoming more and more complex these days, and some of the most important and complex aspects of any business are its software systems. Construction companies use their...

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Ascent Consulting Construction Business Loan

Preparing for a Loan or Line of Credit

One of the biggest decisions that a small construction business owner makes is when to consider a business loan or a line of credit. Sometimes the decision will be made from necessity and sometimes...

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COVID-19 and Construction Updates

During the COVID-19 crisis, work on active construction projects has generally been able to continue, albeit with some modified work procedures for personal safety. Other industries have experienced...

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Construction Downturn Strategies - Part I: Market Focus

Do you remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? In this ancient fable, the grasshopper spends the summer dancing and playing while the ant works hard to store food for the inevitable...

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Building Paradise: Construction in the Caribbean

It sounds like a dream job for many construction professionals: get paid to live and work in the Caribbean! Sandy beaches, palm trees and great weather.  Low taxes, fun projects and a high quality of...

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How do I grow my construction company?

Construction companies face unique challenges when it comes to marketing their services. Not only are there a limited number of ‘buyers’ but most of them already have a stable of reliable contractors...

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