How To Succeed In A Tight Labor Market

The construction industry has been blessed with an abundance of available work for the past decade. With that seemingly endless opportunity comes some challenges. Namely, difficulty in finding...

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Adam Cooper featured on The Competitive Contractor Podcast

Listen Now In this episode of The Competitive Contractor Podcast, Hosted by Shivendra Kumar, Adam discusses the topic of incentives in the construction industry. Incentives and paying staff for...

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Bad Hire blog 2

Dealing with a Bad Hire

It happens to every business owner eventually. You think you’ve found and hired a great candidate for a key role in your organization. You start out with high hopes that they'll settle in quickly and...

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How To Recruit and Hire Top Performers

Owning your own construction company and outperforming your competition requires that you recruit and hire talented people. They must have technical skills for their roles and provide quality work,...

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10 Things PM's Should Know

10 Key Skills of Successful Project Managers

Whether you’re evaluating the performance of your current Project Managers, or looking to hire a “Star Performer” for your construction team, how do you do it?  What are the key skills, competencies,...

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Hiring a Business Development Professional

Thomas Watson Sr., president of IBM for over 40 years, first coined the phrase “Nothing happens until someone sells something”.  This is a basic tenet of business; without a sale, there is no...

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Interviewing Candidates

Let’s face it, most job interviews for tradespeople go the same way: we ask the same questions, get similar answers and don’t really get any sense of how this person will fit into our team. As long...

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